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This site is a follow-up to the REGISTRE FRANCE 1920-1991 paper publication, which includes the civil registrations of a large number of countries. Regularly new countries will join this server. Others will be updated. Each register is divided into 5 columns, from left to right:

  1. Registration.
  2. The type of aircraft and, if applicable, the name given by the manufacturer; the detail is interesting because, if you can know what a Goliath, Simoun or Astir looks like, the Farman 60, Caudron 270 or Grob 102 designations may inspire you less.
  3. constructor's number or c/n.
  4. The registrations which preceded and followed, possibly, the registration mentioned in the first column. In this column, the previous registration can be a serial number or serial. In this case, it is followed by a letter in parentheses. This letter designates, in the OACI code, the country of origin of the personnel number. Other mentions can also designate the air force (Fr.AF), the French military aeronautics (Fr.Mil), the French government (Fr.Gvt), the naval aeronautics (Fr.Navy), etc. In this column, the registration may be followed by a number in parentheses. This figure indicates the rank of a registration assigned several times in succession. Example: SV4C n° 646 F-BDMP[1] means that the F-BDMP registration number has been assigned to several aircraft, the first of which was SV4C n° 646.
  5. Possibly, a letter may appear at the end of the line: R for reformed, D for destroyed, P for preserved, S for stored.



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